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 National Championships 2017

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PostSubject: Re: National Championships 2017   Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:47 pm

Hans wrote:
24-02-2016 INDIA (Pathanamthitta) - ITT - 30 km
2 THANGADURAI Lakshmi (IND1992, @lakshmi_thanga) +1’05”

29-12-2014 INDIA (Jamakhandi) - RR- 80 km
1 THANGADURAI Bidya Lakshmi 2h44’50”

In these two results it was not THANGADURAI Bidya Lakshmi but TOURANGBAM Bidyaluxmi. Sorry. Her full name is TOURANGBAM Bidyaluxmi Devi, most of the time just simply shown as T. Bidyaluxmi Devi but also as T. Bidya Lakshami and T. Bidya Laxmi…
THANGADURAI Lakshmi (without Bidya) is a promising cyclist (see here and here) but has so far only participated in the “amateur” championships. You can delete her from the database, or keep her there for possible future results.
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National Championships 2017
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