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PostSubject: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:30 pm

Maybe better to start a new topic here.

DijkCQ wrote:
Hans wrote:
DijkCQ wrote:
Hans wrote:
By the way, are you planning to add the UCI ID’s on the Rider Pages of all 20000 active riders in the data base Question
That will cost you sleepless nights for years to come… Very Happy
We'll make this a longer term project. Starting to add them for new additions to our database.
An ambitious project Exclamation Bonne chance Very Happy
It is!

However, the first 2850 UCIIDs of all pro's (WT/PCT/CT) are inserted. 186 are missing, due to all kinds of failures.

1) CQ Ranking and UCI have different UCI Codes for a rider
2) CQ Ranking pro is not registered on UCI website
3) CQ Ranking name and name on UCI website differ too much, e.g. first and last names are switched
4) Technical mishap (all Sunweb and UHC riders)
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:38 pm

This is the list of riders which are not registered as a pro on the UCI website or have a different UCI code on CQ. I've checked up until Ruffoni. I'm quite curious who's got it right...

(If anyone wants: the 8th column where now is printed the 2nd "None" is supposed to contain the UCI ID. I can use it to automatically upload it in our database.)

22260|CYC|GER19950701|KÖNIG Marco|NF|0|None|None
11982|ASP|CZE19830913|CERVENKA Martin|NF|0|None|None
19551|ASP|CZE19930811|VIKTORIN Vaclav|NF|0|None|None
22478|ASP|CZE19951213|MALAN Petr|NF|0|None|None
259|ADR|SLO19770712|GOLCER Jure|NF|0|None|None|uci=SLO19771207
23736|AMP|AUT19960912|FIDLER Gerd|NF|0|None|None|uci=AUT19960913
13231|ACM|ARG19880314|JUAREZ Daniel Omar|NF|0|None|None|uci=ARG19880414
26648|ACM|ARG19870217|BARON Juan Carlos|NF|0|None|None|uci=ARG19870202
25148|ATG|AUS19950119|KALMA Guy|NF|0|None|None|uci=NZL19950119
24875|AHB|USA19970819|COSTA Adrien|NF|0|None|None|uci=USA19970818
26553|AHB|USA19980414|GARRISON Ian|NF|0|None|None|uci=USA19980414
6888|BDC|NED19860630|HOOGHIEMSTER René|NF|0|None|None|uci=NED19860730
7710|BRD|ITA19870311|PIRAZZI Stefano|NF|0|None|None|uci=susp
13297|BRD|ITA19901214|RUFFONI Nicola|NF|0|None|None|uci=susp
15760|BEC|BEL19911230|BOSMANS Wietse|NF|0|None|None
26490|ABB|DEN19980823|HULGAARD Morten|NF|0|None|None
5643|BSM|VEN19820805|BECERRA ALARCON Carlos Andres|NF|0|None|None
22631|BSM|ECU19930428|CAICEDO CEPEDA Jonathan Klever|NF|0|None|None
26896|BAI|ERI19980000|HABTOM Awet|NF|0|None|None
15920|BMC|USA19890904|ROSSKOPF Joey|NF|0|None|None
1358|COF|ESP19830708|NAVARRO GARCIA Daniel|NF|0|None|None
26064|DVP|SRB19871006|KLISURIC Stevan|NF|0|None|None
26411|DCR|NED19980216|TULNER Rens|NF|0|None|None
24865|DJP|NED19970403|VAN DER HEIJDEN Maik|NF|0|None|None
21691|DDC|RWA19960000|ARERUYA Joseph|NF|0|None|None
21308|DEN|FRA19940922|BOUDAT Thomas|NF|0|None|None
16826|DSP|POL19900424|BERNAS Pawel|NF|0|None|None
25107|DKB|SVK19971010|ZIMANY Kristian|NF|0|None|None
16163|EPM|COL19880628|CASTRO LAVERDE Jose Nicolas|NF|0|None|None
24129|EUS|ESP19901105|GONZALEZ PRIETO Aitor|NF|0|None|None
2046|FVC|FRA19840610|GERARD Arnaud|NF|0|None|None
5189|FVC|FRA19860115|JEANNESSON Arnold|NF|0|None|None
10931|FVC|FRA19880201|JARRIER Benoît|NF|0|None|None
15899|GPC|KOR19890930|JEONG Eun Seong|NF|0|None|None
20437|GPC|KOR19930701|KIM Joo Suk|NF|0|None|None
22349|GPC|KOR19951031|HAM Seok Hyun|NF|0|None|None
24439|GPC|KOR19960108|KIM Hwang Hee|NF|0|None|None
25236|GPC|KOR19970328|CHOI Jae Woong|NF|0|None|None
25974|GPC|KOR19941121|KIM Ji Hoon|NF|0|None|None
26728|GPC|KOR19981212|LEE Joon Hee|NF|0|None|None
26729|GPC|KOR19961227|LEE Jae Ha|NF|0|None|None
23922|GME|ITA19910722|BROGI Adriano|NF|0|None|None
18903|GWS|COL19880828|OSORIO CARVAJAL Frank Jair|NF|0|None|None
23882|GWS|COL19900417|RENDON JAIMES Juan Pablo|NF|0|None|None
23014|DCT|ESP19910615|MARQUEZ RAIGON Rafael|NF|0|None|None
24993|DCT|DOM19910110|NUÑEZ QUIROZ Adrian|NF|0|None|None
26841|ISD|UKR19950330|ZUBENKO Mykyta|NF|0|None|None
26605|IWS|AUS19960626|LEA Jason|NF|0|None|None
10856|ICA|CAN19890925|BOIVIN Guillaume|NF|0|None|None
24517|CID|ESP19910105|GOZALBEZ NADAL Iñaki|NF|0|None|None
22119|JLT|AUS19940330|MCCARTHY Robert-Jon|NF|0|None|None
22075|KYL|CHN19920614|LIU Xinyang|NF|0|None|None
25351|KYL|CHN19960802|HOU Weijie|NF|0|None|None
23708|KIN|JPN19900414|ASO Keisuke|NF|0|None|None
21974|LPC|POL19941115|REKITA Szymon|NF|0|None|None
26609|CEA|ARG19960513|ANTORENA Nicolas Gabriel|NF|0|None|None
19409|MGT|GBR19871110|LEWIS Gruffudd|NF|0|None|None
23856|KCP|KUW19890130|ALAKARI Othman|NF|0|None|None
24835|MTR|JPN19940930|MASE Yuki|NF|0|None|None
26779|MED|COL19970109|CARDONA TABARES Julian|NF|0|None|None
26660|MRT|ARG19930306|GORDILLO ARGÜELLO German Miguel|NF|0|None|None
26669|MRT|ARG19941012|HAUSEN SALINAS Rodrigo Gaston|NF|0|None|None
16649|NCT|LAO19910203|PHOUNSAVATH DESTRIBOIS Alex Ariya|NF|0|None|None
19339|NCT|AUS19920914|MACANALLY Ryan|NF|0|None|None
5813|NIP|ITA19840706|MARANGONI Alan|NF|0|None|None
23599|NIS|AUS19910727|TAYLOR Joshua|NF|0|None|None
1751|PSV|BEL19800317|BOUCHER David|NF|0|None|None
16863|PSV|BEL19910131|DRUYTS Gerry|NF|0|None|None
26273|PCT|INA19950602|KARYANI Asep|NF|0|None|None
1141|PKY|IRI19790627|SEYED REZAEI KHORMIZI Seyed Moezeddin|NF|0|None|None
6171|TYD|CHN19870114|WU Shengjun|NF|0|None|None
24953|RIW|DEN19970804|STOKBRO Andreas|NF|0|None|None
19096|RLM|FRA19920414|LEVEAU Jérémy|NF|0|None|None
7752|BOA|RUS19880625|SILIN Egor|NF|0|None|None
22987|RTS|TPE19900920|HUANG Sung Pu|NF|0|None|None
16890|SAN|ITA19900927|GAZZARA Michele|NF|0|None|None
20828|SEG|GBR19940331|PETERS Alex|NF|0|None|None
26667|SPT|IRI19890520|SOLTANI Mohammadmehdi|NF|0|None|None
22642|SMN|JPN19950520|YOKOYAMA Kota|NF|0|None|None
1290|SEP|RUS19751110|SARTASSOV Andrei|NF|0|None|None
4448|SOU|ARG19810708|CHAMORRO PIVA Francisco Ramon|NF|0|None|None
7047|SOU|POR19850608|SILVA Daniel Eduardo Moreira|NF|0|None|None
26202|STG|AUS19921007|DAVIES Jordan|NF|0|None|None
22846|BCP|AZE19941025|ASANOV Enver|NF|0|None|None
23116|BCP|AZE19880423|MAMMADOV Orkhan|NF|0|None|None
26294|PCW|BEL19960123|VAN BOST Victor|NF|0|None|None
8938|TST|IRI19881009|GHAFFARI Vahid|NF|0|None|None
21458|TST|IRI19900613|POUR HASHEMI Hamid|NF|0|None|None
18756|DDD|ERI19910615|DEBESAY Mekseb Abraha|NF|0|None|None
23478|FIX|NOR19950730|SANDAL Henrik|NF|0|None|None
25636|TGC|DEN19950509|JENSEN Thomas Edemann|NF|0|None|None
12941|ILU|COL19891221|AVILA VANEGAS Edwin Alcibiades|NF|0|None|None
18632|ILU|SUI19921106|PELLAUD Simon|NF|0|None|None
21363|ILU|ITA19910723|CAZZARO Manuel|NF|0|None|None
21478|ILU|USA19911106|EASTER Griffin|NF|0|None|None
22485|ILU|USA19910413|MCCUTCHEON Connor|NF|0|None|None
23356|ILU|USA19890804|NEAGOS Brad|NF|0|None|None
23615|ILU|USA19871027|EASTER Cullen|NF|0|None|None
25663|ILU|USA19911016|PIPER Cameron|NF|0|None|None
13540|TLJ|ESP19881229|LOBATO DEL VALLE Juan Jose|NF|0|None|None
24418|RAL|GBR19871001|PERRY Ryan|NF|0|None|None
1391|TSC|COL19730406|NIÑO CORREDOR Victor|NF|0|None|None
21698|TSC|MAS19940308|AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi|NF|0|None|None
22157|SVL|GER19950102|INTRA Felix|NF|0|None|None
26510|SVL|GER19980318|HAPPKE Luca Felix|NF|0|None|None
21664|TSS|NOR19940804|TRONDSEN Trond Haakon|NF|0|None|None
22044|TSS|NOR19950930|AASVOLD Kristian|NF|0|None|None
23338|UFF|BRA19901201|MARQUES Felipe Cristiano Paixao|NF|0|None|None
23650|UKO|JPN19940521|TOKUDA Suguru|NF|0|None|None
22799|VOL|SUI19940214|FRIESECKE Gian|NF|0|None|None
5339|TIR|AUT19850920|FANKHAUSER Clemens|NF|0|None|None
20787|TIR|RWA19940000|NDAYISENGA Valens|NF|0|None|None
25096|TIR|AUT19970221|GAMPER Patrick|NF|0|None|None
26107|TCT|ROU19900101|BARTHA Csaba|NF|0|None|None
26098|UNI|BUL19970913|MIHAILOV Mihail|NF|0|None|None
20749|VWC|BEL19920422|VAN BREUSSEGEM Elias|NF|0|None|None
22174|VIB|EGY19941204|RAGAEY Islam Nasser Zaki|NF|0|None|None
20384|W52|POR19881207|FERREIRA Tiago Jorge Oliveira|NF|0|None|None
1238|WVA|BEL19841125|ISTA Kevyn|NF|0|None|None
18077|WVA|BEL19901214|DERNIES Tom|NF|0|None|None
19437|WVA|BEL19881030|STASSEN Julien|NF|0|None|None
18659|WIB|POL19890424|STEPNIAK Grzegorz|NF|0|None|None
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:59 pm

As an extra: you now can search on a rider by his UCI ID. Instead of a name, type his 11-char UCI ID in the same input field.
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:05 pm

Well done! Looks impressive (as ever.) Will check and get back to you :-)
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:19 pm

The UCI IDs of the Sunweb riders, extracted from the UCI results:
ANDERSEN Søren Kragh 10007915685
ARNDT Nikias 10006479782
BARGUIL Warren 10007856677
BAUHAUS Phil 10008662484
CURVERS Roy 10001428106
DE BACKER Bert 10002833693
DUMOULIN Tom 10007389259
FRÖHLINGER Johannes 10003092866
GESCHKE Simon 10003204418
HAGA Chad 10007881333
HAMILTON Christopher  10008813745
HOFSTEDE Lennard   10008653693
KÄMNA Lennard   10009774146
KELDERMAN Wilco 10006473015
LUNKE Sindre Skjøstad   10008726546
MATTHEWS Michael 10006291947
OOMEN Sam     10008688352
PREIDLER Georg 10006473520
SINKELDAM Ramon 10004798248
STAMSNIJDER Tom 10002837434
TEN DAM Laurens 10002420132
TEUNISSEN Mike 10006631548
TIMMER Albert 10002858854
WAEYTENS Zico 10006466850
WALSCHEID Maximilian    10008088669
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:55 pm

first round :-)
KALMA Guy 10011001400
COSTA Adrien 10011115877
GARRISON Ian 10015311028
HOOGHIEMSTER René 10005719142
PIRAZZI Stefano 10003265244
RUFFONI Nicola 10005963763
CAICEDO CEPEDA Jhonatan Klever 10048832511
HABTOM Awet 10015314462
ROSSKOPF Joseph 10006002967
NAVARRO GARCIA Daniel 10002514506
KLISURIC Stevan 10054770729
TULNER Rens 10011140735
VAN DER HEIJDEN Maik 10009334616
ARERUYA Joseph 10010844681
BOUDAT THOMAS 10007900026
BERNAS Pawel 10006492314
ZIMANY Kristian 10009336939
GONZALEZ Aitor 10010981996
GERARD Arnaud 10002857844
JARRIER Benoit 10006565870
JEANNESSON Arnold 10003346884
BROGI Adriano 10009845076
OSORIO Franck 10035373456
RENDON JAIMES Juan Pablo 10009831942
MARQUEZ RAIGON Rafael 10023474788
Nuñez Adrián 10009869732
ZUBENKO Mykyta 10013395175
LEA Jason 10014837344
BOIVIN Guillaume 10005475733
GOZALBEZ NADAL Iñaki 10011452246
MCCARTHY Robert-Jon 10007810096
REKITA Szymon 10008691988
LEWIS Gruffudd 10007963680
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:16 pm

You guys are fast!

I was also curious to find out (for example) whether Jure Golcer's UCI code should be SLO19771207 (UCI) or SLO19770712 (CQ), etcetera.
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:27 pm

MACANALLY Ryan 10007943371
MARANGONI Alan 10002846528
BOUCHER David 10001525106
DRUYTS Gerry 10006119569
STOKBRO Andreas 10014676585
LEVEAU Jérémy 10009646733
SILIN Egor 10004521089
GAZZARRA Michele 10006197573
SARTASSOV Andrei 10001467209
CHAMORRO Francisco 10003103071
DAVIES Jordan 10011231065
ASANOV Enver 10009596718
GHAFFARI Vahid 10006088752
POURHASHEMI Hamid 10009433636
DEBESAY Mekseb 10007864155
SANDAL Henrik 10009776267
JENSEN Thomas 10011127601
AVILA VANEGAS Edwin Alcibiades 10005965884
PELLAUD Simon 10007518894
EASTER Griffin 10008879322
MCCUTCHEON Connor 10009537710
NEAGOS Bradley 10009795465
EASTER Cullen 10009792839
PIPER Cameron 10015853117
LOBATO DEL VALLE Juan Jose 10004735705
PERRY Ryan 10010108289
AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi 10009192045
HAPPKE Luca Felix 10010740005
INTRA Felix 10009397260
AASVOLD Kristian 10008659353
TRONDSEN Trond Hakon 10008852747
FANKHAUSER Clemens 10002883712
GAMPER Patrick 10010966236
NDAYISENGA Valens 10009351487
BARTHA Csaba 10036595858
MIHAILOV Mihail 10045961008
VAN BREUSSEGEM Elias 10008638741
FERREIRA Tiago 10014328803
DERNIES Tom 10007620948
ISTA Kevin 10003193304
STASSEN Julien 10007969643
STEPNIAK Grzegorz 10005354582
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:33 pm

Deleted and replaced with a new post

Last edited by Hans on Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:46 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:16 pm

I also noticed that quite some riders got more than 1 UCI ID. Probably due to the fact that historically the UCI had riders double in their database.

I believe that I have matched an extra 18.000 UCI IDs uniquely with their CQ Riders with high probability. However, since I don't know if thats 95%, 99,5% or 99,95% probability, I have to do some extra work. It's the difference between 900 incorrect matches or 90 or 9. I can live with 9.
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:52 pm

DijkCQ wrote:
This is the list of riders which are not registered as a pro on the UCI website or have a different UCI code on CQ.  I've checked up until Ruffoni.  I'm quite curious who's got it right...

I have put the reason for the CQ/UCI discrepancies in the comment column. Most of the UCI ID’s are “borrowed” from franss

22260|CYC|GER19950701|KÖNIG Marco|NF|0|None|None|no longer with CYC
11982|ASP|CZE19830913|CERVENKA Martin|NF|0|None|None|never registered with ASP
19551|ASP|CZE19930811|VIKTORIN Vaclav|NF|0|None|None|never registered with ASP
22478|ASP|CZE19951213|MALAN Petr|NF|0|None|None|never registered with ASP
259|ADR|SLO19770712|GOLCER Jure|NF|0|None|10002618980|uci=19771207, UCI correct, team website
23736|AMP|AUT19960913|FIDLER Gerd|NF|0|None|10009781927|uci=GER19960314, UCI correct, team website
13231|ACM|ARG19880314|JUAREZ Daniel Omar|NF|0|None|10010163055|uci=ARG19880414, UCI correct, website Argentinian Federation
26648|ACM|ARG19870217|BARON Juan Carlos|NF|0|None|10049863640|uci=ARG19870202, CQ correct, website Argentinian Federation
25148|ATG|AUS19950119|KALMA Guy|NF|0|None|10011001400|uci=NZL19950119 New Zealander living in Perth, Australia
24875|AHB|USA19970819|COSTA Adrien|NF|0|None|10011115877|uci=USA19970818, UCI wrong (see link) The Friday before the TdlA start was 19/08. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/us-talent-adrien-costa-on-the-rise-at-tour-de-lavenir/
26553|AHB|USA19980414|GARRISON Ian|NF|0|None|10015311028|uci=USA19980413, but all other sources, including UCI last year, give 14. He has a new twitter @iankgarrison
6888|BDC|NED19860630|HOOGHIEMSTER René|NF|0|None|10005719142|uci=NED19860730, UCI correct, rider’s website
7710|BRD|ITA19870311|PIRAZZI Stefano|NF|0|None|10003265244|uci=susp
13297|BRD|ITA19901214|RUFFONI Nicola|NF|0|None|10005963763|uci=susp
15760|BEC|BEL19911230|BOSMANS Wietse|NF|0|None|10006119367|Transferred from BEC to ERC
26490|ABB|DEN19980823|HULGAARD Morten|NF|0|None|10015063171|uci=19980824, but 23 anywhere else.
5643|BSM|VEN19820805|BECERRA ALARCON Carlos Andres|NF|0|None|10005611735|UCI put given names in capitals
22631|BSM|ECU19930428|CAICEDO CEPEDA Jonathan Klever|NF|0|None|10048832511|uci=19930424, anywhere else 28, including UCI last year
26896|BAI|ERI19980000|HABTOM Awet|NF|0|None|10015314462|UCI has the artificial code ERI19980101
15920|BMC|USA19890904|ROSSKOPF Joey|NF|0|None|10006002967|uci=USA19890905, UCI correct
1358|COF|ESP19830708|NAVARRO GARCIA Daniel|NF|0|None|10002514506|uci=ESP19830718, UCI correct, team website
26064|DVP|SRB19871006|KLISURIC Stevan|NF|0|None|10054770729|uci=SRB19890608, UCI correct (SRB19871006 is MILIVOJEVIC Aleksandar)
26411|DCR|NED19980216|TULNER Rens|NF|0|None|10011140735|uci=NED19980226, UCI correct, team website
24865|DJP|NED19970403|VAN DER HEIJDEN Maik|NF|0|None|10009334616|not registered with DJP
21691|DDC|RWA19960000|ARERUYA Joseph|NF|0|None|10010844681|UCI has the artificial code ERI19980101
21308|DEN|FRA19940922|BOUDAT Thomas|NF|0|None|10007900026uci=FRA19940224, UCI correct, team website
16826|DSP|POL19900424|BERNAS Pawel|NF|0|None|10006492314|uci=POL19900524, UCI correct, Wikipedia
25107|DKB|SVK19971010|ZIMANY Kristian|NF|0|None|10009336939|uci=SVK19971030, UCI correct
16163|EPM|COL19880628|CASTRO LAVERDE Jose Nicolas|NF|0|None|10007186367|uci=COL19880728, UCI correct
24129|EUS|ESP19901105|GONZALEZ PRIETO Aitor|NF|0|None|10010981996|uci=ESP19900227, UCI correct. ESP19901105 is GONZALEZ JIMENEZ Aitor and he is the author of the 2015 result on the rider page.
2046|FVC|FRA19840610|GERARD Arnaud|NF|0|None|10002857844|uci=FRA19851006, UCI correct, team website
5189|FVC|FRA19860115|JEANNESSON Arnold|NF|0|None|10003346884|uci=FRA19860116, UCI correct, team website
10931|FVC|FRA19880201|JARRIER Benoît|NF|0|None|10006565870|uci=FRA19890201, UCI correct, team website
23922|GME|ITA19910722|BROGI Adriano|NF|0|None|10009845076|uci=ITA19910720, UCI correct, team website
18903|GWS|COL19880828|OSORIO CARVAJAL Frank Jair|NF|0|None|10035373456|uci=COL19870828, both codes are used, but 87 more often than 88
23882|GWS|COL19900417|RENDON JAIMES Juan Pablo|NF|0|None|10009831942|uci=COL19890417, both codes are used, but 89 more often than 90
23014|DCT|ESP19910615|MARQUEZ RAIGON Rafael|NF|0|None|10023474788|uci=ESP19910515, CQ correct
24993|DCT|DOM19910110|NUÑEZ QUIROZ Adrian|NF|0|None|10009869732|uci=DOM1991001, UCI correct

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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:29 pm

26841|ISD|UKR19950330|ZUBENKO Mykyta|NF|0|None|10013395175|UCI has a typo: 1955 instead of 1995
26605|IWS|AUS19960626|LEA Jason|NF|0|None|10014837344|uci=AUS19960625, UCI correct
10856|ICA|CAN19890925|BOIVIN Guillaume|NF|0|None|10005475733|uci=CAN19890525, UCI correct
24517|CID|ESP19910105|GOZALBEZ NADAL Iñaki|NF|0|None|10011452246|no longer with CID
22119|JLT|AUS19940330|MCCARTHY Robert-Jon|NF|0|None|10007810096|uci=IRL19940330 Born in Australia but now Irish according to his new twitter: @mccarthyrobertj
22075|KYL|CHN19920614|LIU Xinyang|NF|0|None|None|uci=19920312, UCI correct
25351|KYL|CHN19960802|HOU Weijie|NF|0|None|None|uci=19960208, changed by UCI this year
23708|KIN|JPN19900414|ASO Keisuke|NF|0|None|None|uci=19920414, UCI correct, team website
21974|LPC|POL19941115|REKITA Szymon|NF|0|None|10008691988|uci=POL19940105, UCI correct
26609|CEA|ARG19960513|ANTORENA Nicolas Gabriel|NF|0|None|10044159434|uci=ARG19960512, CQ correct, website Argentinian Federation
19409|MGT|GBR19871110|LEWIS Gruffudd|NF|0|None|10007963680|uci=GBR19871111, UCI correct, team website
23856|KCP|KUW19890130|ALAKARI Othman|NF|0|None|None|uci=KUW19880130, UCI correct
24835|MTR|JPN19940930|MASE Yuki|NF|0|None|None|not registered with MTR
26779|MED|COL19970109|CARDONA TABARES Julian|NF|0|None|10009689371|uci=COL19970119, UCI correct
26660|MRT|ARG19930306|GORDILLO ARGÜELLO German Miguel|NF|0|None| 10049864751|uci=ARG19930406, UCI correct, website Argentinian Federation
26669|MRT|ARG19941012|HAUSEN SALINAS Rodrigo Gaston|NF|0|None|10049864650|uci=ARG19940112, UCI correct, website Argentinian Federation
16649|NCT|LAO19910203|PHOUNSAVATH DESTRIBOIS Alex Ariya|NF|0|None|10008629950|Transferred from NCT to TCC
19339|NCT|AUS19920914|MACANALLY Ryan|NF|0|None|10007943371|no longer with NCT
5813|NIP|ITA19840706|MARANGONI Alan|NF|0|None|10002846528|uci=ITA19840716, UCI correct (team website makes it ITA19840416??)
23599|NIS|AUS19910727|TAYLOR Joshua|NF|0|None|10009779604|AUS19910721, UCI correct, team website
1751|PSV|BEL19800317|BOUCHER David|NF|0|None|10001525106|UCI swops between FRA and BEL
16863|PSV|BEL19910131|DRUYTS Gerry|NF|0|None|10006119569|uci=BEL19910130, UCI correct, team website
26273|PCT|INA19950602|KARYANI Asep|NF|0|None|None|uci=INA19940602 but all sources give 1995. UCI also misspells his name as KARYAM
1141|PKY|IRI19790627|SEYED REZAEI KHORMIZI Seyed Moezeddin|NF|0|None|None|uci=IRI19790527. Old results give 06 but since 2009 UCI has changed to 05.
6171|TYD|CHN19870114|WU Shengjun|NF|0|None|None|uci=CHN19870618. UCI has this code since 2009…
24953|RIW|DEN19970804|STOKBRO Andreas|NF|0|None|10014676585|uci=DEN19970408, UCI correct, team website
19096|RLM|FRA19920414|LEVEAU Jérémy|NF|0|None|10009646733|uci=FRA19920417, UCI correct, all sources
7752|BOA|RUS19880625|SILIN Egor|NF|0|None|10004521089|uci=RUS19880525, CQ correct
22987|RTS|TPE19900920|HUANG Sung Pu|NF|0|None|None|uci=TPE19900224, UCI correct, TPE19900920 is HUANG Wen Chung
16890|SAN|ITA19900927|GAZZARA Michele|NF|0|None|10006197573|uci=ITA19900929, CQ correct, old Olmo website
20828|SEG|GBR19940331|PETERS Alex|NF|0|None|None|not registered with SEG
26667|SPT|IRI19890520|SOLTANI Mohammadmehdi|NF|0|None|None|uci=IRI19890519, no sources to check
22642|SMN|JPN19950520|YOKOYAMA Kota|NF|0|None|10008009150|uci=JPN19950820, UCI correct
1290|SEP|RUS19751110|SARTASSOV Andrei|NF|0|None|10001467209|uci=RUS19751109, CQ correct
4448|SOU|ARG19810708|CHAMORRO PIVA Francisco Ramon|NF|0|None|10003103071|uci=ARG19810807, UCI correct, website Argentinian Federation. Actually his second family name is PAIVA
7047|SOU|POR19850608|SILVA Daniel Eduardo Moreira|NF|0|None|None|no longer with SOU
26202|STG|AUS19921007|DAVIES Jordan|NF|0|None|10011231065|never registered with STG
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:12 pm

…and the last bunch
22846|BCP|AZE19941025|ASANOV Enver|NF|0|None|10009596718|uci=AZE19940125, CQ correct, team website
23116|BCP|AZE19880423|MAMMADOV Orkhan|NF|0|None|None|wrong Mammadov in CQ roster of BCP. See separate post under Transfers.
26294|PCW|BEL19960123|VAN BOST Victor|NF|0|None|None|no longer with PCW
8938|TST|IRI19881009|GHAFFARI Vahid|NF|0|None|10006088752|uci=IRI19881007, old results 09, more recent results 07
21458|TST|IRI19900613|POUR HASHEMI Hamid|NF|0|None|10009433636|uci=IRI19900603, UCI seems correct
18756|DDD|ERI19910615|DEBESAY Mekseb Abraha|NF|0|None|10007864155|uci=ERI19910616, UCI correct, team website
23478|FIX|NOR19950730|SANDAL Henrik|NF|0|None|10009776267|uci=NOR19950731, both codes in the results since years, but team website gives 30
25636|TGC|DEN19950509|JENSEN Thomas Edemann|NF|0|None|None|uci=DEN19950519, UCI correct, team website
12941|ILU|COL19891221|AVILA VANEGAS Edwin Alcibiades|NF|0|None|10005965884
18632|ILU|SUI19921106|PELLAUD Simon|NF|0|None|10007518894
21363|ILU|ITA19910723|CAZZARO Manuel|NF|0|None|None
21478|ILU|USA19911106|EASTER Griffin|NF|0|None|10008879322
22485|ILU|USA19910413|MCCUTCHEON Connor|NF|0|None|10009537710
23356|ILU|USA19890804|NEAGOS Brad|NF|0|None|10009795465
23615|ILU|USA19871027|EASTER Cullen|NF|0|None|10009792839
25663|ILU|USA19911016|PIPER Cameron|NF|0|None|10015853117
13540|TLJ|ESP19881229|LOBATO DEL VALLE Juan Jose|NF|0|None|10004735705|uci=ESP19881230, UCI correct, rider’s website www.juanjolobato.com (on the LottoNL website it is 28!?)
24418|RAL|GBR19871001|PERRY Ryan|NF|0|None|10010108289|uci=GBR19870110, UCI correct
1391|TSC|COL19730406|NIÑO CORREDOR Victor|NF|0|None|10001140136|uci=COL19730604, UCI correct, Wikipedia etc.
21698|TSC|MAS19940308|AZMAN Muhamad Zawawi|NF|0|None|10009192045|uci=MAS19940803, both used by UCI but 0803 is the latest version
22157|SVL|GER19950102|INTRA Felix|NF|0|None|10009397260|uci=GER19950201, UCI correct, team website
26510|SVL|GER19980318|HAPPKE Luca Felix|NF|0|None|10010740005|uci=GER19980312, UCI correct
21664|TSS|NOR19940804|TRONDSEN Trond Haakon|NF|0|None|10008852747|uci=NOR19940408, UCI correct, team website
22044|TSS|NOR19950930|AASVOLD Kristian|NF|0|None|10008659353|uci=NOR19950530, UCI correct, team website
23338|UFF|BRA19901201|MARQUES Felipe Cristiano Paixao|NF|0|None|10008895486|uci-BRA19911201, was 1990 in the UCI results of 2015
23650|UKO|JPN19940521|TOKUDA Suguru|NF|0|None|None|uci=JPN19940531, UCI correct
22799|VOL|SUI19940214|FRIESECKE Gian|NF|0|None|10008673093|uci=SUI19941126, UCI correct, in all results
5339|TIR|AUT19850920|FANKHAUSER Clemens|NF|0|None|10002883712|uci=AUT19850902, UCI correct, team website
20787|TIR|RWA19940000|NDAYISENGA Valens|NF|0|None|10009351487|UCI has the artificial code ERI19940101
25096|TIR|AUT19970221|GAMPER Patrick|NF|0|None|10010966236|uci=AUT19970218, UCI correct, team website
26107|TCT|ROU19900101|BARTHA Csaba|NF|0|None|10036595858|uci=ROU19930423, UCI correct
26098|UNI|BUL19970913|MIHAILOV Mihail|NF|0|None|10045961008|uci=BUL19970919, UCI correct, team website
20749|VWC|BEL19920422|VAN BREUSSEGEM Elias|NF|0|None|10008638741|uci=BEL19920410, UCI correct, team website
22174|VIB|EGY19941204|RAGAEY Islam Nasser Zaki|NF|0|None|10009972085|deceased, removed from the UCI VIB roster
20384|W52|POR19881207|FERREIRA Tiago Jorge Oliveira|NF|0|None|None|wrong Ferreira in the CQ roster of W52. See separate post under Transfers.
1238|WVA|BEL19841125|ISTA Kevyn|NF|0|None|10003193304|uci=BEL19841122, UCI correct, rider’s website
18077|WVA|BEL19901214|DERNIES Tom|NF|0|None|10007620948|uci=BEL19901122, UCI correct, team website
19437|WVA|BEL19881030|STASSEN Julien|NF|0|None|10007969643uci-BEL19881020, UCI correct, team website
18659|WIB|POL19890424|STEPNIAK Grzegorz|NF|0|None|10005354582|uci=POL19890324, UCI correct
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:56 am

Hereunder the UCI ID’s of the UHC riders with the correction of two UCI Codes.
The ID of Luke Keough is blank in all UCI results.
Gavin MANNION has a slightly different code on the UCI site, but CQ is correct according to the team website.

ACEVEDO CALLE Janier Alexis 10006436740
ALZATE ESCOBAR Carlos Eduardo 10003011529
CATAFORD Alexander 10007211730
CLARKE Jonathan 10002724367
EATON Daniel 10009643602
HAEDO Lucas Sebastian 10002912004
HEGYVARY Adrian 10007161513
HENDERSON Greg 10001643627
JARAMILLO DIEZ Daniel Alexander 10006481095 COL19910115
JONES Christopher 10005621940
MANNION Gavin 10006271335
MCCABE Travis 10008856888
NORRIS Lachlan 10003998606
PUTT Tanner 10007957014
SUMMERHILL Daniel 10004759751 COL19890213
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PostSubject: Re: UCI IDs   Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:29 pm

DijkCQ wrote:
However, the first 2850 UCIIDs of all pro's (WT/PCT/CT) are inserted.  186 are missing, due to all kinds of failures.

Part of the 186 missing pro’s are the 12 riders of Yunnan - Lvshan Landscape.
This probably did not work because the team changed name and code:
Yunnan Lvshan Landscape - Taishan Pardus with new code YUN
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