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 Rider photos

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PostSubject: Rider photos   Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:23 pm

In the past many CQ-fans have send us spontaneously self-cut rider photos. Although we really appreciate this (it's a very time-consuming job), we didn't always put those photos online. That's because we are very concerned about the uniform look of those pictures, as it's a big part of the "look of CQ".

To avoid such situations in the future, we post the instructions here. If you're interested, please read this first and let us know what you are planning to do or send in some examples before you start cutting big nummers of photos.



1. We are looking for frontal photos of the face. Preferably the official team photos

2. Preferably no helmets and certainly no sunglasses. Sometimes team photographers think they have to be "arty". Don't use arty photo's like this.


3. The photos must have height 125 px and width 100 px

4. Don't zoom in too much when you cut the photos. The image has to stay clear.

5. The head must be positioned as shown in this example:

This means we DON'T want to see any of these:

Remark: Some teams have small photos on their site, like this. Don't use such photos. You either have to zoom in too much or have to show too much of the jersey.


6. The photos must be saved as .jpg

7. The filename contains 4 parts: "CQ" - "M" of "W" (men or women) - the year - 6 numbers ending with the riderID (see url rider page). the other numbers are zeros.

For example: the photo of Allan Davis (riderID=44) in 2009: CQM2009000044.jpg

8. Try to keep the file size as low as possible (without losing image quality). With "Save for Web" we manage to keep our files around 6 to 9 kb.

9. Let us know who deserves the photo credits (that means: the photographer or site. As photo editor you will be mentioned in our Credits list yourself cheers )
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Rider photos
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