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 Downgraded races

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PostSubject: Downgraded races   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:54 pm

Two recent 1.2 events in Italy, Giro del Cigno (02/08) and Cronoscalata Gardone (04/07), have been downgraded retroactively by the UCI to National Events and the points earned by the riders were deleted from the Continental Rankings.

In the beginning of the year the UCI did the same with two 2.2 stage races in Iran held in October 2008: Tour of Milad du Nour and Kerman Tour.

The UCI also deleted (or never awarded) points for the Polish 1.2 race Memorial Andrzeja Trochanowskiego (01/05) and the 2.2 race Doble Sucre Potosi in Bolivia (13-17/05), although the heading of their results are still showing a class 2 rather than a National Event.

How will you treat this in the CQ rankings?
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PostSubject: Re: Downgraded races   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:27 pm

It's a difficult subject. On the one hand, the reason behind this downgrading from the UCI can be a financial or logistical one. The race organizers did not pay the necessary amount to the UCI, or did not follow the full procedure. On the other hand, the UCI has also used to have a rule that a minimum of foreign teams have to start. The biggest problem is that the UCI only takes action after the race is finished.
Our viewpoint so far is, that if the race is still on the UCI calendar on the day of action, we keep in in our rankings. If it is taken off before the start of the race, then we will skip it. At the moment, we are discussing about how to handle this in a more official way. If something will change, we will post it here.
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PostSubject: Downgraded races   Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:19 pm

I understand that this will not influence the CQ rankings but, just for info, I noticed that the UCI now also removed from the Continental Rankings the points earned in the 1.2 event Giro Valli Aretine (05/07) and the 2.2 race Tour de la Guadeloupe (07-16/08). Two more retroactive downgrades.

LeonCQ wrote:
thanks. For the Italian race the reason might be: no minimum of 5 foreign teams. Guadeloupe might have had some organisatorial problem
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PostSubject: Re: Downgraded races   

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Downgraded races
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