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 Country rankings and changing nationality

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Country rankings and changing nationality Empty
PostSubject: Country rankings and changing nationality   Country rankings and changing nationality EmptyThu Feb 03, 2011 5:51 pm

If a rider changes his nationality, his CQ points are included in country rankings of his new country, even in retrospect. For example Heinrich Haussler in 2009. He is included in the country ranking for Australia, having a German flag: http://www.cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/cqRankingRider.asp?year=2009&country=Aus&bestof=1

MarkCQ wrote:
You are right: Haussler should not be shown for Australia in 2009. But the calculation of the country ranking for 2009 is correct: the points of Haussler are counted for Germany and not for Australia.

Australia has 3723 points.
If you click on Riders, you can see the ten scoring riders. You get to see Haussler on the list, because now he's Australian. But if you make the sum of these 10 riders, you get 8263.

A correction is needed on the cqRankingCountry.asp.
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Country rankings and changing nationality
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